Recap--January 05

That's the way--Led Zeppelin
Sink Florida Sink--Against Me
Move On--Mike Doughty
The Israelites--Desmond Dekker
Rythm and Blues Alibi--Gomez
Sunken Eyed Girl--Mike Doughty
Blackbird--The Beatles
Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters--Elton John
Selfless Cold and Composed--Ben Folds Five
Things Replaced--Built Like Alaska
Shot Shot--Gomez
Touch, Feel, Lose--Ryan Adams
Seaweed--Fruit Bats
88 Lines About 44 Women--The Nails

Topics of Interest
Snow--About Solidarity, singular/shared experience, luck, fate, history/starting anew. White.
Pretense--What is pretention? Apparently, I have never seen my own album collection.

"...shudder under my winning hand." --D. Sedaris
CLANDESTINE--Preliminary candidate for word of the day, lost out to the fake word "howquiler".
Note to Self--Please come to grips with your overuse of the word "PALM". Please.
"We get in my car and the Tenderloin is gauzy and bright, and all the way home all the green lights are timed." --D. Eggers

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