F the D

As many of you know, I am very fond of swearing in letters, i.e.:
"I swear to C Crystal, I'm gonna F'ing R the S out of you."
"Let's just F'ing make out Kyle, S."

Point being: if you are a fan of such language, you have to check out "Propriety 6/11/04 Episode 267" on TAL. Specifically, act one, "The Government Says the Darndest Things". Highlights include (but not limited to...) Ira Glass explaining how the FCC thinks the word fuck "invariably invokes a course sexual image", then goes on to ponder whether the phrase "fucking brilliant" makes anyone else in America other than the FCC think of what he calls: "penises in vaginas."

Listen. Please. And if you do a good job, a good job, I will be your best friend. I will be your best friend. Jackson, I'm looking at you.


~PhoenixRising said...

god damn you write a lot :) - You're making it tough to keep up with everything coming out of your head... but it's a blessing. Just getting through the story about snow in Seattle was touching, let alone the story of Clara...
But yes, more importantly than having anything useful to say, just saying you're being read. When you visiting NYC, hommes?

Milkshake said...

People have been asking me when I was going to visit NYC for years. How about this--when I get an apartment (wherever that may be...), you get an apartment, and when Meir Hurwitz decides to return my phonecalls. So probably...September.