Recap--March 05

The Wind--Cat Stevens
A Little Less Conversation--Elvis Presely
Paperback Writer--The Beatles
Don't leave me this way--Thelma Houston
Satellite--Aimee Mann
Close to Me--The Cure
Gold Dust Woman--Fleetwood Mac
Aint No Way--Aretha Franklin
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay--Ottis Redding
Sweet Jane--Cowboy Junkies
Goodnight Hollywood Blvd.--Ryan Adams
Blitzkreig Bop--The Ramones

Topics of Interest--
Unclipping our tounges -or- Adventures at the Honey Hole--Yes, I actually said it. I also may want to incorporate the idea of a shadow on skin dimpled by a fingertip.
Splosh--Sex in food, i.e: turning your entire body into a bowl of cereal or doin' it in a barrel of baked beans. Personally, I'm attracted to the idea of a bathtub full of tri-colored melon balls or red and pink heart shaped Jello Jigglers. A wine vat also comes to mind.
Snow--(again...) try usung anow as a chronology for a series of character sketches. Taiko and Rhyanna, Nov. 19 in 96+03, Easter in Berlin, Mt. Hood.

Certainly/Absolutely/Indeed--How many of these are there? Explore other options to replace the words 'yes' and 'okay'. Not just written but spoken as well--this is almost of more import.
"I could ride you until you cried." --M
"My sweet untouched Miranda"--The Decemberists
Todd Box--(alternate spelling...Bocks?) Mark William's fictitious pseudonym. This really, really makes me laugh.


charles.bukowski.costanza said...

there's 2 Ds--so, Todd Box, if you please.

which you do, generally.

Milkshake said...

Got it. I will never dissapoint you again.

Anonymous said...

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