I know, I know. You're waiting on the edges of your seats for my first piece written right here in San Francisco. I promise, it's coming soon--I've finally decided on a topic that appeals to me (from a situation that did not appeal to me, Jen and Crystal are cracking up right now) and I'll eventually stop procrastinating and sit down and write it, because as Alex says: "There is nothing more annaoying than boring girls." I wholeheartedly agree.

Even with the radio silence I've offered most of you in the past few days, know that I am my no means doing boring things in Cali, and I will absolutely talk to you soon.

Also--Second wave of NYCD2005 this week. If I have your address, you'll get it faster. If not...well, we'll see.

Peter Smith--Nice profile, homie. Promise, I'll do mine soon.
Samantha--Everyone keeps giving me accounts of you randomly bursting into tears--I hope they're exagerating. Call me soon, I still have to relate my semi-creepy Josh experience--It's so wierd that he lives here.
Jonathan--Sorry I was so out of it last time we chatted. I'll call when things quiet down.
Jen--I'll call you on Thursday, tee-hee.
Mark--Take care of that beautiful girl you have in tow as of late. Also--the most curious thing happened to me the other day--I miss you. Curious I say, because there were at least 3 or 4 times when I saw no consequence to never seeing you again. Drop me a line.
Lauren--I need your address in Sarasota.
Eddie--OMG-are you freaking out? Am I freaking you out by asking you that?
Davey--So far September still looks good. I'm stoked to be sharing my NYC debut with you.

That's all for now kids. All my love, --M


~PhoenixRising said...

I've found the swanksters down in the village... it'll be a rockin premier.

Lauren said...

well i move april 17 and for now the address is 69 tidy island blvd bradenton, fl 34210. i'll have the same # 7862989570 for a while. i'll keep you posted .

Sam said...

So far, the spontaneous tears continue. I'm partially blaming the birth controll for my tendency to let a moment of sadness jump right to tears, partially, I just miss you.
On that note, I spent a solid hour talking with J last night. Of everyone you asked to take care of me, he wins. Of all the things that may or may not be taken seriously, he did. I appreciate it. And he continues to confuse me. Such is life, I guess...
Love you,