Miami, Mexico

Hi, I'm drunk. Also--here is a list of some cool stuff I've done so far in Miami and Playa Del Carmen.

1. Got a flight cancelled, ended up 2 hrs. late in Miami.
2. Saw Lauren. She's so awesome.
3. Got wasted at the Abbey, listened to new Spoon album.
4. Slept with one of my best friends.
5. Puked all over Rob's bathroom.
6. Saw my Mom. She's so awesome.
7. Smoked bowls on a golf course in the middle of the night.
8. Fell out of a tree.
9. Slept with another of my best friends, then cried when he went back to Hallendale.
10. Caught a Toad.
11. Went to a party with a bunch of Harvard grads, told them that what I did for a living was sleep with Rockstars.
12. Met a guy named after a vegetable. Thought I should hook him up with Valerie's friend Tomato.
13. Drank Mojitos.
14. Got a smell and blow and dolled up like Donna Summer.
15. Said goodbye (again) to everyone I loved.
16. Got kicked out of the Cancun Airport.
17. Got lost getting to Hostel in Playacar.
18. Saw the three musketeers all in the same room for the first time in forever.
19. Wen't out crazy on Peter Count's birthday.
20. Got my hair braided.
21. Got drunk.
22. Posted on blog.

love you all, miss you huge.

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