Recap--Apr 05

Lifes a gas--The Ramones
Fully Retractable--Soul Coughing
California One--The Decemberists
Blue Star--Los Halos
Soft Revolution--Stars
The Parasites are Always Right--The Nemesis Theory
Blue Diamonds--The Long Winters
Wooly Muffler--Harvey Danger
Chinese Baby--Clem Snide
Ramble On--Led Zeppelin
The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco--The Lucksmiths
Hangover (airplane song)--Gomez

Topics of Interest--

Lonliness and distance=drastic measures. How not/residing in your hometown affects your ideas of personal space or invading others; gasining power/security from geography.

How they stem from a need to mark an occasion. What do they really meean? The curve of timelines--how reality dips even deeper towards it's end, and what are the repercussions of sex on a deadline (specifically with a trip home planned?).

The Sanctity of Marriage-
As someone who is still oft seen as some sort of 'bar' for relationships/marriage, what will Peter and I mean to Ed and Carrie? For everyone? and--why do I feel like such a fucking housewife lately?


"Seattle was another girl who left her marker on the map." --The Nails, from 44 Lines About 88 Women

"Fillmore's" -- apparently the old name of Cafe International where I get coffee three times a day. Also--Rae told me today that alot of the streets in SF are anmed after firefighters. Fillmore aside (only because I assume it's named after the President) how many are there, and do we have these in Seattle who also suffered a huge fire in the early 1900?

"Effluvium"--I am completely obsessed with this word right now, to the point where I see it lasting several years. For some reason lately it has gone from as occasional casul usage to more than just a word. Now it seems like it's own idea, and is becoming one so pervasive and demanding to be used that the thought of it will jar me from mild sleep. Right now this word paints entire pictures of scenario in my head in full vibrant classic crayola hues like one of those velveteen posters you color with scented markers--so many senses seem touched by this word.

"Go Dog Go is like a Kubrik story about Candyland." --M. Moure

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