Late one night a long, long time ago in a land very far away Miranda decided she wanted to start doing spoken word. That was almost a year and a half ago--and I have yet to actually do it--until now.

This friday, I'll be making my spoken word debut as long as everyone who promised to come and pretend to clap earnestly will still show. I do, however, have a few reservations which include but are by no means limited to:

1--My stream-of-conciousness-poetic-prose-twenty-something-angsty work will not be appreciated by all the contemporary-beat-esque-hip-hop-inspired kids. I specifically fear them being bored by a reading lengthy enough that you have to actually pay attention to and follow. I'll absolutely freakin' die if people start conversing with each other half way through.

2--People wont get it. I'll finish, and everyone will clap politely, and the MC will take the mic again to introduce the next reader with a furrowed brow searching his mind to say something positive about what they all just heard. From across the room, some pathetic hipster will whisper to his girlfriend: "You know, I'm almost embarrased for her", thereby making me even more pathetic than said pathetic hipster.

3--I'll get too drunk before hand and people will literally not be able to understand what I'm saying. This is not as easily avoidable as you might think.

So kids, wish me luck because as I've outlined here, I'll probably need it.

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~PhoenixRising said...

When the hell are you getting out to the lonely east coast? Shhhiaat, we got open mics, I swear! Keeping out of trouble?