And Bingo Was His Name-O

Just got a message from my mom and she proposed something interesting. As well as making sure I was eating plenty of vegetables, she decided that if I was going to be her daughter, I'd have to change my last name. Tee-hee. Since I collect last names like stamps, I decided to list all of my options here.

Miranda Moure--Now, this is my actual last name. Kind of.
Miranda Myricks--This one appears on my birth certificate and a variety of other documents.
Miranda Counts--I get called this all the time--specifically by the phone company.
Miranda Smith--No one ever calls me this save a few gossipy underlings from my highschool.
Miranda Singleton--This is my father's last name. I almost ended up with it when I was born.
Miranda Gerking--My wife's last name.
Miranda Oldfield--My other wife's last name.
Miranda Wren--My other, other wife's last name.
Miranda Gillanders--During a bout of what Sam and I like to call "The List Games" (best played drunk in the middle of the night) this last name was unanimously voted the funniest on my list. If you do not get the subtleties involved in what I'm saying here, well...good luck with that.
Miranda Bauer--My mom's last name, her first suggestion. She says it's a bit awkward to say, but it's much simpler than...
Miranda Goldenfarb-- ...her other suggestion. This is the last name she gave the character Miranda in her upcoming novel. She thinks this is totally hilarious.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions?


~PhoenixRising said...

Goldenfarb, baby. Goldenfarb. Go Goldenfarb and you'll never look back. I promise :)

As for the list game... well, that's bordeline fucked up, but I like it. An entertaining / mortifying way to see waht could have been, I take it?

Milkshake said...

Mortifying for who? I should also note that close behind in second and third were "Miranda Sparks" and "Miranda Seagren".