I Am Employed

No, really, I am. So for those I haven't told yet, here's what happened.

-Walked into favorite coffee shop last Friday.
-Told the owner I was looking for a job in a restaraunt or a coffee shop or something.
-She asked if I could make lattes. I said: "Of course I can, I'm from Seattle. That's all we know how to do there."
-She talked to me for like, five minutes about how she's looking for someone who can manage the store while she's gone and not slack off(too much).
-She told me to come in on Tuesday.

Now, you guys, I can't stress this enough: tomarrow is Tuesday.
Now, as long as I don't burn down the store, or lose the deposit, I can keep my job after my two week trial period.

But what if I burn down the store or lose the deposit? Boo. Rae and I have already decided that getting fired from a coffee shop is the absolute weakest thing one can do; so my real question is: exactly how lame am I?

Update: 5.10.05--Apparently, I'm not very lame at all. After my cafe training is done this week, I start training to manage. I rock and roll.

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~PhoenixRising said...

Don't worry... if I could manage a coffee shop and keep my job there, I think you can too... cause you at least seem a little more hip to the working thing... I'm just a slacker biatch. You'll do fine. Just remember to breathe.