Recap--May 05

Grace Cathedral Hill--The Decemberists
The Beast and Dragon Adored--Spoon
Paul's Song--Matt Ward
Hang on Siobahn--The Walkmen
Such Great Heights--The Postal Service
Everything's Not Lost--Coldplay
My Mathematical Mind--Spoon
Sound and Vision--The Sea and Cake
16 Military Wives--The Decemberists
Move On--Mike Doughty
Cavalier Eternal--Against Me!

Topics of Interest
Tomato Juice--According to a stewardess from MIA-CUN, no one EVER orders a tomato juice, and she was surprised I did. In fact, people are more likely to order a bloody mary mix sans vodka than just plain old tomato. Then, from ATL-SFO, I sat in the front and ordered a bright red tomato juice, and in a couple of minutes watched not only the guy seated next to me, but six other adjacent passengers m,imic my order. Sheep/riot mentality on airplanes--and why does everyone cry at the movie(also known as Reese Witherspoon Syndrome)?

When Blogs Collide--a list given to me by M. Huntsman to aid in my writers block--
Top 5 All-Time Things Miranda Could Do To Demonstrate To Herself That She Is Not "Blocked" So Much As She Is Spending Her Energies Inventing New & Dramatic Aspects Of Said Blocking:
1) read Freakonomics - it's full of deft supposition, which miranda's mind takes to
2) write a Sex Scene - just a scene, a snapshot. challenge yourself to not stop in the middle and masturbate
3) contribute to an intimate-perspective essay series (to be developed by mark) loosely titled "Tits and/or Ass"
4) contemplate the notion that personification gets oversold. make a list of people you are acquainted with who are distinct characters, either in temperament or physicality. for each, write a short profile that either a)animalifies or b) objectifies the subject
5) write mark naughty limericks.

...and there was also a joke told to me by N. Mathisen. Call me and I'll tell it to you. Fellow bloggers are a tremendous resource.

"RUMORED MANIA"--spurned by the new Doughty album, I had to find a suitable one of my own. This one seemed oddly fitting ("oh, you're that Miranda?").

"Monkey Shine!"--an oldie but a goodie, brought back by Bobby Scheppy.

"...and under the auspices of sex and flight, moving and timelines, there was a sole revelation--home is where my cellphone is." --cut from On Your Naked Neck, from Apr 05. Special thanks to Jaxon for the inspiration.


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