Found, Built, and Associate Family

Following this very cryptic and anonymous post on my blog:

Anonymous said...
Looked at the artists you like...I think you should check out my band, [rap-core band]... Kinda along the lines of Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty. Sorta. Kinda. A little more (and how do I know you'll hate this word?) "pop". Why am I writing this? Who am I? Long story... Anyway, check it out. http://www.[rap-core band].com

...I received this much more telling e-mail:

Ok.  Where to start? 

First of all, I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and was pretty suprised by having found it.  Even more suprised when I started reading it, and getting the inth of a grasp that one can get from a blog on who you are as a person.  Now, the question at hand, I guess,  would be why I care at all, and who I am.  Hmm...  Let me ramble a little more before I get to that? 


I happen to be married to a kind, sweet, intelligent, passionate woman that has spent her entire life searching for a little bit more of her identity.  A part of her identity that's been missing for almost her whole life, because she's disconnected from a huge part of her past and her history.  Her search is something that I've only taken a small part in, but something that I've borne witness to in several steps, several phases, over several years.  Without becoming overly superlative, I'll simply say that this search has led to (among other places), you.  Yup.  You...Miranda Moure.

First off, I need you to please, please disconnect with any feelings that you may have about where this person comes from, and instead concentrate on the human being that she is.  A sorta scared, highly intelligent, funny, athletic, talented girl , that like yourself, grew up in Seattle.  And with whom you share...well...a liiiitle itty bitty bit of DNA.  (Sorry, trying to add levity to an otherwise lead-heavy situation - insert nervous chuckle here).

In terms of familial relations, there are a couple of words I didn't want to use, because I thought they'd freak you out (even further than receiving such a deep e-mail from a total stranger ).   But anyway...I suppose that it is what it is. 

My wife's name is Roxanne Francis (formerly Roxanne Singleton), and I'm writing this on her behalf, because we weren't sure she'd ever be able to finish the letter.  She never knew her father, though she knows of and about him.  And she doesn't want to quiz you about her past, or his past, or yours.  She simply feels a sense of loss and regret that she has a sister in the world that she doesn't know, and to whom she's never even said 'hello'.   So here we are. I found your blog on the net, and told her about it.  It was my idea to extend an olive branch on her behalf, because she's quite nervous about the whole thing.  She's tried to find you and contact you before, and it was never certain whether you knew and decided not to respond, or rather she was unsuccesful.

Again...I know this is super heavy...and more than a little weird.  And that you may not even want to know any more about her or this situation.  But I can tell you with 100% certainty that she would like to know more about you, and would love nothing more than to hear something - anything - from you.

As someone who knows and loves Roxanne, reading your blog was interesting and strange.  I think you guys could probably have some really interesting conversations about the Dark Crystal (a movie that she loves, but which I find completely creepy and dark).  Or  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a film that we watched 3 times in a row on DVD because the first time just wasn't sufficient).  And a lot of other interests that you guys may share.  She's a pretty complex person, but driven by simple needs.  One of those needs is to be more connected with other people...  Blah blah blah.   Either way, this is pretty deep.  I know.

Worst case scenario, I think she'd just be happy to know that you know that if you ever ever EVER wanted to contact her, she has opened the lines of communication, and has let you know that she would really like to hear back from you.  Not to form an instant, false sense of "family", but to get to know someone who might turn out to be a friend, and with whom you happen to share one important commonality.

Sorry, I know it's a lot to think about.  Sorry to drop so much on you.  And I'm aware of how difficult this must be for you, from the little that I do know about things.  Still, I hope that you  consider shooting Roxie an e-mail, or calling, or anything.  It would really mean the world to her.  And hopefully, it would also open at least a small door in the world for you...

Thanks for your time,

Thanks for listening.

[member of rap-core band] and
Roxanne Denise Francis.

Roxanne Denise Francis is my sister.


P2thaSmitty said...

Whoa whoa whoa.... am I on the right page on all this?? Since you didn't write much beyond the copy and paste, I don't know what you know or are thinking, but that sounds like family... like maybe you dad's other side of the family, or other children, that you would naturally not know. Am I on the right page?? Cuz that's some deep shit. But in another way very cool. I hope you're open and willing to get to the bottom of this, because it sounds like it could be worth it, in some way. Anyway, call me back biotch!

Milkshake said...

I would like to take this opportunity top point out that I TOTALLY WOULD be calling Peter Smith back right now if I hadn't lost my cellphone at some warehouse party in SoMa last night. Shit like that will (hopefully)teach a person not to go following a beautiful bartender all over town until six in the morning.

Gracelyn said...

That's totally weird. I had a similar experience with my dad I never knew. Before I moved to NYC I was searching and found out he lived in NY. We met once, i have two sisters it was weird. Then he blew me off because he was getting remarried. So I told my self to forget about it. One day he text me saying he read my blog everyday. We are still at odds. My advice, even though you probably don't care. Go with the flow. That's a great connection, you should see how well it turns out. Good Luck!

Lauren said...

M while reading about your sis i had chills throughout my body....so whats the deal...did you contact her? is she the one in atl?