Top 5ive

Spurned both by M. Huntsman (both recent and past events), and R. Bergamino's most recent post, I've decided that in addition to my soundtrack listings from each month, I should, as it is mid-year, explain to the populace the top 5ive most influential songs to me (right now).

The Beast and Dragon Adored--Spoon
Where you been for so long/I went to places unknown/Rented a room/And I forgot my pen/Shook my twin/And I had to find the feeling again.
San Fransisco has offered two very striking and unforseen challenges to me--1) I have a much harder time being away from Sam than I ever anticipated and 2) I have written one piece worth putting on this blog since I've moved here. I've had one good Idea since I've started my job--and it has to do with my grooming regimen vs. time restraints. It sounds retarded, but it's the best idea I've had.

Grace Cathedral Hill--The Decemberists
And the world may be long for you/But He'll never belong to you/But on a motorbike/When all the city lights blind your eyes tonight/ are you feeling better now?
Yes, I understand the world is long and huge and vast and what have you--and yet I am constantly pissed off that people refuse to let me own them. Of course, it's because I refuse to belong to anyone.

White Lexus--Mike Doughty
Please, show me how to live/Please, show me how to have a day.
For the simple respect that these two lines kill me everytime. Absolutely kill me. You can hear so much desperation in the brief pause between "please" and the request that it makes my eyes involuntarily shut to contemplate the importance of these words everytime I hear it. Every single fucking time.

Touch, Feel and Lose--Ryan Adams
I just wanted you to love me/Touch, feel and lose/And cry, cry, cry.
I printed lyrics from this song and taped them to Sam and I's refrigerator before I moved; I meant it to be for her, and yet it seems to now be for so many that I've left in the wake of my instability.

and...ummm...damn it. The last one is hard, you know? To pick just one more? Okay, how about

The Israelites--Desmond Dekker
Get up in the morning slaving for bread sir/So that every mouth can be fed
Mostly because this song has been stuck in my head for MONTHS, I've never really gotten it out. Also thoug, because I like how it speaks of meeting basic needs--the grind and the lives we lead, the neccesary 'Rock and Roll' (sound familiar?).

That's all for now. Thanks to Rae and Mark but also to Nick Hornsby.


charles.bukowski.costanza said...

nice work. on both your foray into the naughty-limerick world and on your top5alltime. i have been unconsciously avoiding both dec'ists and r.adams; but both of those sets of lyrics are really very tight. so, hm. here:

though she held his cock in her hand,
she said, "this must be returned to your pants--
for while it would be sweet
to devour your meat,
i would never break free of its trance."

(based a sad semi-autobiographical turn of events after making out on the sidewalk, against a subaru impreza, for like 3 hours. stop-and-start head is rarely a good thing; but, on a not-totally-empty sidewalk, it's rather funny.)

rae said...

when i come home next we should make a san francisco mix. cause you have grace cathedral hill by the decemberists in your room and i have grace catherdral park by the red house painters in my room.

rae said...

i keep thinking of songs. i love new mixes <3