Two Sense

Some thoughts to ponder from two of my favorite wordsmiths. I had to share, I've been thinking about them all day.

"Just wanted to let you know, keep spinning webs. These webs we spin are essential, they are part of "IT ALL", whatever it all is. But it is important, it is part of carrying on."
--D Hodson

"I like stories. Everybody has stories. Stories are all we have."
--N Mathisen


Erika said...

Wow...I'm pretty sure both those quotes were profound!!

Sam said...

That reminds me of something Jen said to me today, "Sam, I love your short stories."

See, I told this great story upon finding her, Timmy, and Andy out on the deck: Here you guys are. I was looking for you and now I found you. The end.

There's a prime example of my originality lately...

Also, I paid up my cell phone bill today and will call you soon (tonight?).

Love you.

~PhoenixRising said...

I really think I need a prolific amount of quotes of mine to start circulating... As I've realized that's the ticket. Fuck dying young and leaving a good looking corpse, I'll be happy if when I die there's just one bad-ass quote that I wrote... :)