House Rules

After much discussion, we decided there should be a list of things that are NOT allowed in my room.

1. No more guitars. Is there a frikken sign on my door that says "Guitar Storage"?
2. Falafel
3. Platanos
4. Any mixture of afore mentioned falafel and platanos.
5. Good beer
6. Three packs of Irish guys
7. Any one we don't know who's hangin out in front of Mad Dog In the Fog
8. Floor sandwiches
9. Dropping lit ciggarettes out the window
10. Snail trails
11. Red wine
12. clean towels
13. Patchouli
14. Anything having to do with Burning Man
15. Anybody other that me having sex
16. Hummus
17. Smashing Pumpkins

Please abide by these simple rules as they are sacred.


~PhoenixRising said...

no good beer or clean towels? Damn.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

i love your list.

dude. hook me up with whatever you got for me: i'll have time in the next couple of days, somewhere along the line. and i want to build up good favor cos in a couple of weeks i'll want you to give me the breakdown on my school app sample. also we should talk.

i'm glad you like les storeables. it was a terrifically fun thing to write on a friday night at a diner drinking whisky coffee.