From scattered sites
and misplaced homes
we now fit our keys
into one tattered gate
and tomorrow will be like the others,
girls who fear this run will end.
But tonight will be different,
tonight may be for us,
scarves draped on tables
candles lit;
we may turn to one another
and see the faces of fellow adults,
and we will know that we together
have managed to build but from consequence
something stoic and graceful,
and the dawn of the day will bring
a day like the others,
but in our own right.
will be different.

(Sarah, Violet: This will all work out. --M)

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~PhoenixRising said...

like dope on paper. While I have no clue what it references, or anything of that nature, it makes me happy. Which is what is most important.
You know, it's fffrriiizzzllleedddaaay, so we might actually connect on the telephone. You never know.