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I'm suddenly realizing that I'm this close to having not talked to alot of you in an extremely long time. That being said, I'm doing fabulous. Let's breifly recap:

I moved into what was later deemed "The 525 Flophouse" on July 29. Having a Haight facing window became the closest thing I knew to god--became alot closer (!!!) with the kids in the neighborhood, and they became accustomed to me running around in my pajamas and an afro at eleven in the morning to buy smokes from O'Looney's. I shared my room with Violet, an eighteen year old from Phoenix who I have had a knack for taking under my wing since I moved here, and who, at the time did not have a place to live. My room became not only mine, but hers and her entire Irish-man following. Tee-hee.

My first morning there, I woke up and met my roomates, Sarah and Richard, both recent transplants from San Diego. It was somewhere within the first few parties, the first few late nights spent throwing beer bottles out the window and jumping on the bed that the three of us girls became...??? (you can draw your conclusions/comparisons at will).

Inseperable, we spent the month laying the groundwork for what we wanted to accomplish in this city during our time here, and although as of now I'm technically "not making it" (again...???), I've never been better. So now?

Now I don't have a place to live, but I have a burgeoning and die hard fan base that return every Tuesday night to see me read. I have more drive than ever. I have a family that would do anything for me--and if you know me, clearly the opposite is true. I'm getting new gigs, planning a tour, and am finally about to throw down on a little (read: BIG. Big enough for the whole fam') place of my own.

And You?

Dire straights... A hunger strike, the onlt sacrifices being pizza and beer. No youthful girls to entertain. Send reinforcements. We are 5 beers from empty, and only mere hours from dropping at a movie showing of hustle and flow. God help us. :)
--D Hodson

Listen up,
I have been such a mess lately. Between trying to make some dough and not cut peoples faces off, I just seem to be working hard for the pennies and loving it. I started a new job this week as a colorist in Bal Harbour. Not much pay but the exp. will get me going to where I need to go. Still also at the shore club, sug got shot here during the vmas, well same old shit there. Went to Chicago for Margarets wedding. It was gorgeous and exhausting. I hate airports mate! Radost is in Bulgaria for three weeks and I'm being at home and not going out. What's wrong with this picture? I wish you were here or me there. I can't wait for visit SF. It sounds like you are moving or homeless so what's happening?
Loads of loving from Rob
--R Scheppy

oh miranda...
i'm glad to hear youre doing so well and loving san fran. i just got back from a 10 day trip to chicago. it was fantastic. what a great city. so i'm having thoughts of moving there. i've got to check it out in the winter time to see if i can handle the cold weather. then you'll have someone to visit in chi town. i saw the fruit bats and rogue wave at the empty bottle in wicker park. the violet femmes and flogging molly played at the GUINESS street frestival for free (donations accepted). how perfect. i spent alot of time walking the city alone and thinking. it was great, and i came to a few realizations in my life...
1. i'm taking a hiatus from beauty school
2. i'm going to concentrate more on my bags and jewelry
3. concentrate on teaching
i feel good about my life right now and am surrounded by wonderful people. i think with in the next few years i'll be in chi town though...draging couple of these wonderful peeps with me...
love you miss you
come visit or i'll be out that way soon
tour where??? fl???
--L Morlock

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