More Charachter Sketches

I can but imagine how you might feel
when her speech demeans you,
the way your baby soft cheek
feels when set inside her palm,
or the way your eyes appear
when welled with tears,
the way your bottom lip might quiver.
I can only say how you feel
small inside my arms,
when I know that you are lonely,
and I know that I have missed you.
Search longer your savior, for
I can but imagine how I might save you,
or how my heartbeat might sound
upon reaching your ear.

Hailing from the same stock,
the same unpaved sidewalks
and unbroken blocks
of the same North Seattle Sprawl.
We might have met amoung mutual friends,
pumping some foamy keg
of some domestic lager
in somebody's split level home.
But here,
when I have read you for so long,
you hear of my mentioning
painfully pretty,
that I too have a story.
I love you the most when
you are eager to tell me
that stories are all we have.

Also note:
Day to Days=Casey
We'll get ours.=Violet
We the Girls=Sarah

dropping soon--Daniel, Sally, Bryan, Sam, Wise, Cliff and the like.

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