Some Charachter Sketches; Snippets of SF Life

From across state lines and
many years bring us
three doors down,
first floor above the storefront,
all hours of the night finds us
dangling from bay windows,
drowned in canned beer
tossing smokes across the room.

Downstairs, the children remove their cares,
place them on barstools,
open their wallets, disrobe of the day.

Outside pockets empty,
one flicker shared and passed,

Tracing words on my flesh,
his stories unrelated to our repose, yet,
turned from this scriptor of
our contemporary lore,
the tales he weaves on my skin more erotic
than what he dreams will come to fruition.
He's eager to remind me of what he has, yet
I fear to tell the tale of what I've lost,
fear him hearing of what I yearn for him to replace,
my tales more cockled veiled in secrecy and
should my declinations turn accepting--
who will return the victor?

Whiskey and Lagers
When I could call you home,
you're glorious delusional.
Draped in praise,
I see you all sunshine and terra cotta,
flamingos and bicycles
beaches and where are you from and
what are you drinking?
And we remembered her all
forrest green,
damp and heavy,
valleys, canals
and moonlit skinny dip
but now she's all twisted diagonal,
one ways and parking tickets,
landlords and glass and tears.
But then, she's all painted ladies and liberty ale,
sunrise at the Cathedral,
Market and Van Ness fight fight fight and
Welcome to the Fillmore.
Because your pretty pretty
gains import when same old same old,
here to there; I've done you before.
Drives driven many times,
blindfolded switch lanes,
where import stouts turn
whiskey and lagers,
you seem more fitting,
your weight done waiting.


Thaozee said...

I'm here because of erectile dysfunction... malfunction?

~PhoenixRising said...

"disrobe of the day".

You're dope, even if yah didn't call me back :)
I am so happy that, despite the bumps on the path, that the writing/performing is going so well.

Short note cause I'm still tips.


~PhoenixRising said...

Hope the reading rocked!
I'm headed to bed, so we'll catch up again towards the weekend.


~PhoenixRising said...

Miranda, dawl; I'm planning an escape to Mexico. Can we get there from San Fran? Is it a long drive? Here is the plan: We wait until the dead of winter and, in a whirlwind of activity, I'll meet you in San Fran, we'll pack the car, grab all the errant souls we can on the way, and hole up in a shitty hostel on the beach as far south as we can get before the booze gives way and we have to stop for refreshments...
yes. Like a 2 week escape.

I'm starting my planning now.

Do likewise. You speak spanish, right? I can only ask "Do you know where i can find the milk of the bean?" or "the milk of the meat?", either of which will probably not get me what I'm looking for.