Fawn of memory and flight,
Your tranquil acceptance of our meeting,
when care turns touch
dauntingly into present.
You grant me the lullabies I've needed,
sing me to sleep among soft sheets,
soft hands,
the softness of your witty remarks
rings remarkable and understood,
leaves me willing,
for you are able to recreate me able,
make for me a world I have feared to see,
whispered murmuring reaching newly able ear.
Included in your precious time,
somehow I am willing
to bend to your willing.
Cerulean gaze makes me forget
the err of my nature,
forget the way,
I'd like to forget you.


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hey i know i've told you about my friend rob before. he is a great writer a family man who is buried under work and life and 2 tiny children but i read a poem of his right after reading yours and the juxtaposition of the two really did something for me: http://robertbevandalton.typepad.com/roblog/2005/09/and_goes_away.html

similar voices manifesting through so totally different means. good shit.

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