Yo Son!

So, was checking out The Ill Quill, as I often do, to see wassup in the world of Mathisen. The short version is, I ended up on Bengt's blog, and saw that he had me blogrolled. How long has that been there? I had no idea, and currently feel terrible. This is the official announcement that I am, indeed, blogrolling his blog, Keyed In. Visit it at your leisure.

Also, I never told Mathisen that I made out with Bengt in front of his friends' house one time, like a long time ago. Oops. It was the tube socks that did it for me.


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charles.bukowski.costanza said...

re: "all that seems to come to mind is: 'I keep thinking about how you feel inside of me'" -- go ahead and use that as fodder, and twist it just a little bit, such as, "all that seems to come to mind is how my brain feels heavy inside my head when you are not inside me." and from there you can riff on gravity, and from there go into your reaction to the new evangelical physicist "Theory of Intelligent Falling," and then you are off and running. glad your set went well. knew it would. angstrom.