Aaawwwww! I need a site tracker!

So, I just now realized that the venerable Kristin Nienhuis has me blogrolled. Omigod! I should have blogrolled her on my own volition, as her blog is unrivaled, but alas, I seem only to be able to perform such simple tasks when prodded (I'm lame).

And so...


I bring to you Accomplice to the Blog, Kristin's personal site.

I will also note that I did not make out with Kristen in front of her friends house one time.

Also, my birthday is tomorrow. Here is my wishlist, as commented on RCU's blog.

Wish list:
1. Hold Samantha in my arms. For reals, not while asleep.
2. Anderson will never come back from Hawaii to make fun of my relationship with my wife.
3. That saturday wil herald a new era of wellbeing for all, but especially me. Like in SK's 2010.
4. Cake.


Simon said...

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Thaozee said...

Happy birthday Miranda. I hope you get spear tackeled by hot naked models on your birthday. Kinda like sexy dodge ball.

Nick said...

happy b day. just walked through the tender late night/early norning and what fun times were had!

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

happy birthday m.m. -- you are so very special to me. and i don't mean "special" as in "valuable," but i mean it in the way that schoolteachers mean it when they talk about recieving a "special education," which is more meaningful i think. that is the kind of special you are to me; you are like a clown, my very own clown, so nice to have. everybody needs to have his own clown and you are that to me. like Journey says,

circus life, under the big top world -
we all need the clowns, to make us smile.

Counts said...

Happy friggin birthday!

Let's go get bellignent!

Milkshake said...

YeaH, "LET'S" Implies that you don't plan on ditching me, which you did. Asshole.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

dude. i need updates. give them to me right now.

Pray for Mojo said...

Hey Miranda, sorry I spaced on your B-day. In my defense I was in the middle of moving to Phoenix this weekend and have just now almost got all my shit into my apartment. Anyhow, I still do not have your phone number and so I'll try to get creative on your ass, but I hope you had a good day on Sat and that your life is exactly one year better.

I love you sweetheart,