Happy Nuptuals

Yesterday was Casey and Georgina's wedding day. Yay. I always get emotional at weddings, but especially when there's whiskey involved, and especially when said whiskey is drank at two in the afternoon. By four, I was half-crying-half-breaking-up with-Cliff-via-voicemail. By five, I was eating Vietnamese food. By eight we were pounding Spaten at the High Tide. By Ten, I was calling Quinn from the cab on the way back to Sesame Street. By eleven, I was drinking a Guinness in Quinn's bed drunkenly trying to explain to him that I missed him, that this time would be different, that I didn't care how much he works--that I can work around it. By one, I had no idea why I ever stopped seeing him. Yes I know, I'm the worst person--but I'm happy. Really truly in all my giggling girly-girl glory post coital glow happy (in case it's not clear, I'm really happy).
My girlfriends are extatic. They fucking love Quinn. I had much time to discuss it with them over eggs and bagels.
More later today.

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~PhoenixRising said...

I suppose with the distance and all, le sigh, that drinking in bed with another man and experiencing post-coital glowness is all completely in order...
But oh, the heartache. This might have to end soon. I don't know if it settles well in my stomach ;)