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Awwww.....FUCK!! I am FUCKED!

1. Finally broke up with Anderson last night citing irreconcilable differences (read: he's always high, and I don't like it). That conversation was fucked. He was all like: "we should talk about this" and I was like "no".

2. I now completely remember the constant phone tag which is dating Quinn. Sometimes I swear he's gay, or much cooler than he lets on. Don't get me wrong--he's cool--but in this dorky "I'm a well read filmaker" sort of way. I mean, it's not like everyone is aware of how large his penis is, so who is monopolizing all of his time? Whoever it is, I am way better in bed than her (him?).

3. Just found out my friend Johannna's boyfriend is a freeloader and a heroin addict. Oh, okay. Yeah--check and check.

4. My Halloween costume is in a million pieces in a plastic bag at Sarah's house due to a broken sewing machine. Damnit. I only have a week until my birthday.

5. Oh, did I mention that Anderson fucking hates me? Yeah, I feel really awesome right now.

6. Oh, did I mention that I haven't gotten laid since Monday? Oh, yeah, that too. That's why it was really awesome that a friend of mine called me while getting a blowjob. Damn, It's that kind of thing that can make a girl re-lapse on her little brother's roomate a block away. That's all purely hypothetical, by the way.

[more later]

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