Window Washing

I wonder how the world seems
through your vision,
once sans those rose colored glasses
I lent you without thought
to their return.
This now, with all of these
harsh lined edges fragments remaining
my will has not willed you
a world in which you can
freely move,
my absence not proved to
change much
but my window
feels so small.
Your voice sometimes sounds foreign,
your cheek and brow
in my mind seem flat and plain,
my memory not serving to
place the perfect curves
of your jaw or which arm
bears my marks, or which way
we should go now.

[I love you beyond compare. I'ts been hard for me lately to try and explain this to people--almost like you're not real. Remember when RCU was merely this seemingly fictitious person that only Jen had met? Kind of like that; like I say the word 'love', and people assume I mean it merely as they would. I miss you. --M]


Sam said...

I miss you too. It will be so good to see you. Good like waking up shivering in the middle of the night and pulling that pile of blankets back on top of you, only to find they're warm in the middle. Or good like a still warm gooey cookie.

I love you. Love like I can't really explain it either, to the extent that I call you my wife to get the importance across (especially at work, the "I need to call my wife" will get me a break every time).

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

i know. i haven't deleted the discount dog house comment cos i want to look at the site and it just won't come up. but i want it to! i want to a dog at a significant discount! and this is a sad place to be.

i like you even when you're overly emotional. maybe especially then.