[staring at the Castle again]

[edit: Upon re-reading this a couple hours later, I am reminded of a quote from my personal bible in response to a speech originally given my M.L.K.: "I guess I'm just ready to die." That of course being if there is nothing in this world you're truly willing to die for. I'm wondering which one I should be--ready to die for something grand, or just ready to die.]

As a windy road might break a mountainside
from base to crest,
so is our block situated between hilltop and valley.
The fog will roll into the crayola colored
chili scented Mission,
leaving us basked in sunshine,
narrow palms stretched out into
the open day,
sheilding numb eyes from one more tomorrow.
Blinking behind smiles
we, in socks and tees
are once more dangling in the windowsills;
but now we are ready to fall.

Hands to the sky,
digits extended to break the sunlight
lined in waves and bursts across our girlish faces.

One more glimpse reveals not the shaded
shrouded scenic sunlit view we so covet,
but the last inches,
the seconds before,
grasping and fighting
we reach the pavement.

Now, we will try to stand.

[I miss you already Sarah. Hope Boston brings you a speedy recovery, and a speedier return to my open arms. I love you. --M]


~PhoenixRising said...

Dude, I'd totally marry you if you weren't, you know, already married.

Sorry I haven't caught up on blog reading lately, was out of town and it is just a pain to read blogs while on vacation ("No! I don't want to go to Dick's, I'm reading BLOGS DAMNIT!") -
I like this. I don't often get to see your poet side, as, you know, you rock the essays and shorts like no-ones business, but I love it. All of it.
And you.

I'm totally gonna show up someday and rock your living-room like it's going out of style.
Just a fair warning.

Not for all the love in the world,

Milkshake said...

Hahahaha! Both of my places don't have a living room. But I would be (more than) happy to take you in. Mathisen lives to far from everything cool--stay with me!