Happy Birthday Robert Scheppy

January 31st again--and again I'm not in Miami. Here are a list of things I've given up since August 29th, 2003.

1. Some of my free will.
2. T-shirts.
3. South Beach.
4. My ability to discern between what I want and what I want for everybody else.
5. A bunch of stuff I can't remember seeing as I'm still not the same person I was on August 28th 2003 (what a difference a day can make, no?)

A thought (not my own):

The red moon
Yesterday I saw a red moon. Drunk and tired, I stared and stared. Enthralled, complacent, yearning. From the past, I saw my moon fall.

And I let it happen.
--Thao Nguyen

And now the things I have gained:

1. My best friend.
2. A weird hilly city in California.
3. A myriad of stories.
4. A new perspective.
5. Some of my free will.

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charles.bukowski.costanza said...

re: your paralleliosity -- thank you. did that make any sense? i guess it wasn't really supposed to, it was an interruption of a bigger Let Me Hear Your Bible Talk kind of thought, but i was drunk and totally struck by it when i scribbled it down last night. at the bar, watching basketball, reading my cute little red bible during the commercials. mm. hm.

i like that you like lists like me.

i love that, in the retrospect of your recent being, you nailed the ability (proclivity?) to lose free will and to gain it at the same time. so fresh and so clean clean.