Happy new year.

That being said, I am so infinitely sorry about the lack of posting. Let's re-cap via a list of my resolutions for the new year.

1. I will finish NYCD. I promise. It will come out about a week or so after Sarah gets back to SF depending on circumstances.

2. I will stop stressing over my exes, even if I keep waking up in thier beds or talking them down from impromptu trips to Huntington Beach (Sean). I will also stop worrying about thier feelings (Cliff)

3. I will spend much more time with Aaron and Jess. Much more.

4. I will update my blog more often.

5. I will look at the world.

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charles.bukowski.costanza said...

here here. dude, i dropped off the face these last few months. my meager aspirations include a more prominent & stylish public face (read: blog). ..but, then, another meager aspiration is to attain things that are not so meager. huh. m.