"OMG, WTF!!! Meet @ bar 10:30, k?"

Happy 200th!

So apparently after 200 received text messages, my phone will store no more. It seems kind of sad, you know? I mean, I have five months of history in those saved messages! Just think—All the parties I was invited to, the notes from friends when I’m at a loud bar, the SEA-SF alcohol inspired inside jokes…it’s a lot to give up.

So before I hit that all magical ‘delete all’ button, I’ve decided to record a few of my favorites here. From the oldest to the most recent, enjoy.

“Where are you Milkshake?” Violet, 9/17
“Thug on the bus sez’ it’s a big world and I got a big dick, lets both fuck this bitch and steal her money, goddamned SF, I love this shit!” Bryan, 9/19
“I need the whole how to meet bomb girls lesson…” Davey, 9/24
“Roses are red, Violet’s not blue because sugar is sweet but not as sweet as you! I love you Milkshake!” Violet, 10/1
“What you sittin’ on?” Sally, 10/7
“Bling!!!!!” Counts, 10/9
“Ugh! I lost my job, and some hippy hugged me on the train and called me a human. Today I’m doing fuck all blegh yup!” Mindie, 10/12
“Whoa, dude. Rosa Parks just died.” Counts, 10/25
“I just saw an Elephant buy a sausage! Happy Halloween!” James, 10/31
“Lets get naked…drink drink don’t think!” Bryan, 11/3
“Finally heading back to SF!! Miss you, love you!” Sarah, 11/7
“My dearest lover: Oh how I love you. But for real, you’re awesome. Stuck at work, but just wanted to say hi. Oh, and boner.” Davey, 11/11
“These airports fill me full of rage…oh sweet! A bar!” Mindie, 11/19
“Bring chocolate please!” Ron, 12/5
“Beau is here. Just threw some olives at me and called me a cunt.” Mindie, 12/12
“A bunch of alcoholics with great hair: that’s who lives in Lower Haight.” James, 12/15
“Remember strip air hockey? Hahahaha!” Crystal, 12/18
“Merry Christmas! Yay! I’m so blessed to have you as my friend!” Amanda, 12/25
“Be back from Canada ‘round midnight bitches! Molotovs!” Benny, 1/3
“I like the way you make me pump.” Sally, 1/4
“Violet is back and staying at the Hostel. Whore.” Mindie, 1/08
“M—I tried making it out but am having trouble leaving the neighborhood. I hate the rain, wanna see you! Love –Q xoxoxoxo” Quinn, 1/10
“Where’s my new years cd Shanika?” Gavin, 1/18
“You’re just jealous ‘cause I’ve been talkin’ to HOTTT grrrls all day on the net.” Alexis, 1/19
“You know it’s gonna be good!” Crystal, 1/24
“Antiques road show. Fuck yeah! Okay, I’m bored.” Mindie, 1/28
“1 2 3 4, I declare a text war.” James, 2/3



~PhoenixRising said...


It's tuuueeesdddayy. fuck.

Milkshake said...

Hahahahaha!! Notebooks and Keepsakes dropping soon.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

i think perhaps it is good that the screen on my phone is broke; i would obsess over text messaging, constantly.

it's 3:15am, i've several more hours of shit to pound out if i'm to make my am deadline, but what i really want to do is call you up and ask What Are You Doing In An Hour?