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Two *TACO BELL* spicy chicken burrito **FREE** (financial district)

Reply to: sale-144607796@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-03-23, 1:49PM PST

I have two spicy chicken burrito from taco bell
i m too full to finish these
if someone want these shoot me an email, they should still be good for you to heat up in the microwave in the next hour or two

I work in Embercadero 2

to: sale-144607796@craigslist.org
from: satteliteseattleite@Gmail.com
date: 2006-03-23, 2:14 PST

Dude, I really really really want your burritos. call me @ 415.370.0825.
My name’s Miranda. I totally want your burritos bad.

incoming call from: 415.861.8032 to 415.370.0825 @ 3:27 PST

“This is Milkshake”
“Uhh…is Miranda there?”
“Right. This is her.”
“Okay, yeah, well if you want these burritos, you should come get them at my work. I work at the Slanted Door in the ferry building. My name’s Eduardo; I’m a server. You’ll see me.”
“Okay. Great, ‘cause like, I’m pretty hungry, you know? Do you think these burritos will fill me up?”
“You know, because I’m pretty hungry. I mean, I haven’t eaten yet today ‘cause I’ve been all-kindsa busy and stuff, I mean, I’m pretty much looking for a meal. Are the burritos pretty big?”
“What? Dude, just come get the burritos.”
“Oh, also: I’m allergic to milk proteins and can’t have any dairy. Is there cheese on them?”
“Okay, listen. I’m and work and can’t really talk. Just come get my burritos, okay? I’ll be here for two more hours.”
“Okay cool. But real quick—are they wrapped in a whole wheat or a white tortilla? Is there refined sugar in the sauce that’s on the burritos?”
“Seriously. I really gotta go.”
“Okay fine. I’ll come down in an hour.”

Two FREE spicy chicken burritos—TOTALLY FREE!! (downtown/civic/van ness)

Reply to: satteliteseattleite@gmail.com
Date: 2006-03-23, 5:19PM PST

I got these burritos today from a guy off Craig’s list but I can’t eat them ‘cause I don’t eat refined grains, dairy, refined sugar or fast food.
They smell super yummy though!
Also if you have a tuna sandwich or a salad or something that’d be awesome ‘cause I’m pretty hungry. If you make me a sandwich, please use rye because all other kinds of bread have dairy product in them. I also don’t want mayonaisse and like extra tomatoes.
E-mail me back and I’ll give you these burritos. They’re pretty big, and they’re probably still good.

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