G's and Geniuses

Just so you know, no--I have not broken down--I, Milkshake Moure, will never support MySpace because it is a cheater blog. I have, however, decided to blogroll my homies who, are indeed very pretty, but are not quite cool enough to pick a better platform for all of thier online-time-wasting pursuits.

Don't miss my fellow gang members, Ron and Shaun (Queer Comandeer and Boy Wonder), as well as former associate member David. Lauren and Meir are both homies from Miami, Ed is my oldest friend and his wife Carrie is the awesomest thing since sliced bread and Mr. Plow. Ed and I both went to highscool with Laura. Jeff is an old friend of mine from Sea-Town who has enough sense to have a livejournal.

Update on my goddamn $5:

~PhoenixRising said...
In all my searching, the best I could come up with is here:
The Free Dictionary
Please take a moment to consider definition number 7. While refering to airplanes, we are still talking targets. Plus, if we must, we can stretch out some metaphors, and, I mean really, last time you were at an airport weren't all those planes and runways just symbolic of passes completed? Thus, despite the notion of the passee/passer, I'm saying you get 5$.

But we'll leave this up to Mathisen. :P

March 29, 2006 8:45 PM

I also checked the Urban Dictionary, but it served to be not much more illuminating.

Basically, I totally think that I definitely deserve the $5, because small-amount-of-make-out or no, Mathisen is both a gentleman, and a scholar, which was my initial point when the bet was made. Unless Mathisen says otherwise, I am so getting my money.

Also, My Wife is coming in six days. Shit, I gotta go call her.


Thaozee said...

I'm not a big fan of myspace. Everytime I'm there I have the urge to throw a pedestal fan through my window.

Although I am part of some kind of Myspace group thingy for every fucken 'Thao Nguyen' in the world. The only thing on my myspace page is strange written abuse posts. Or something.

Nick said...

Pay up. And while you're at it, just think how much easier, and more fun, this all could have been if you'd simply caught my pass and ran with it.