"I just slept with the flying guy. Score."

Ahhhh...what a beautiful Saturday. The sun is out, the birds are chirping...and TAL was awesome.

Now, I have a few hours to hang out at the coffee shop downstairs, a few hours for an uber groom, and then I'm going to GO GET REALLY FUCKED UP. I don't have to be on the floor tomorrow, just a bunch of paperwork my manager has flaked on, so that means that I'M GONNA DRINK MYSELF SILLY.

Who's with me? Mathisen?

I've already recruited the allmighty Queer Comandeer, and Sarah with her bevy of friends from San Diego currently in town will, most likely, be down.
Current plan of attack? Pops. Yes, Pops on 24th. I hope they have enough Hamm's in stock, 'cause I'm gonna need about 30.

[That's what I was thinking!]

Um...[insert something important here] and that's all.


Queer Comandeer said...

Honestly, who has friends named after trousers? Milkshake has two.

Queer Comandeer said...

Yes, there was Hamm's. And whiskey. And a giant pinata shaped like a twelve-year-old girl whose destruction begat a good hour and a half of pure mysogeny. Unfortunately, no one left the loin to see it but me.

Milkshake said...

That is only because I was kidnapped by Los and Rayner. It's totally not my fault!