"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

So, Thursday night was David Rayner's final going away party at Lucid, and what do I do? Sprain my ankle. Weak.
Anyway, after being stuck in my house for two days, I finally had a little romp around the neighborhood last night.

It was me, Counts, Kristin, Mathisen, Boy Wonder a.k.a. Shaun (not to be confused with Sean Olmstead), Claudia, and the allmighty Queer Comandeer a.k.a. Ron. I remember pretty much everything, but some things are still unclear, like:

*who found my wallet
*how to say beast in pig latin
*exactly who is on the dialed call log on my cell phone
*exactly where my cellphone is
*where my $5 from Counts is for winning the bet that Mathisen wouldn't make a pass on me (he's a perfect gentleman, as Davey would say: "...everything you're looking for in a boy.")
*why I was up so late
*why there's Guinness on my kitchen floor
*where Ron went
*why girls wet beds
*why Sean can't be more like Shaun
*exactly why Shaun is so determined to be anything but American (meaning he speaks with a British accent and claims to be Italian)
*why I would want Sean to speak in a British accent and claim to be Italian.

Hmmm...I think that's it. For now.


Nick said...

I found your wallet. And you owe Counts $5, because I totally made a pass on you. You just didn't catch it.

~PhoenixRising said...


You still need to fix your mac's smart-quote options... Find a ghetto text editor or something.
Sorry I didn't answer my phone, i was retarded off of Miller High-Life, which they claim is "The Champagne of Beers"... My stomach did not agree with that statement this morning :)

Milkshake said...

What? That is fucked up. Number one, Counts told me he found my wallet, and number two, you're right, I didn't catch that.
Now I'm out five bucks and my internal blogger links still aren't working right. Goddamn it.
But I found my wallet. And I can say Beast in pig latin.
There is a post coming about this.

Milkshake said...

Oh, and stop laughing at me Davey.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

you'll really like this i feel sure.