According to the TAL website, one of my favorite episodes of This American Life is airing this weekend. San Franciscans can listen on NPR, Saturday at noon or on San Francisco Public Radio Sunday at one. Seattleites (as I fondly remember from Saturday mornings in Sam and I's old apartment) can catch it on NPR at 11:00AM.

The point?

I suppose there are many. Time for a you-know-what.

1. Just the thought of gaining the power of flight or invisibility sounds awesome. Of the many times that I've flip-flopped on which one I would choose, I've decided that I would just be lucky to be gifted either one.

2. I remember Sam and I debating this so many times. It even became a popular discussion at the bar to try and wean ourselves off such un-bar-worthy topics such as religion and politics.

3. Speaking of politics at bars: please, for the love of god, don't ever do this. It leads to bad things. This is how I started dating John, as I met him in a seriously drunken haze at the Duck on the night of the last presidential election. As soon as I realized Bush was probably going to win, that's when I started pounding Lagunitas and making out with the lead singer of a frikken' edu-metal band. Oh my god.

4. I wish I had heard this when I was about twelve. That way, I could have modeled the rest of my life around becoming like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You'll know more what this means when you hear it.

5. I first heard this episode on Huntsman's laptop, when I was first introduced to the fact that you can stream any episode ever off of thier website. This practice has been the bane of my existance ever since.

Please do yourself a favor and listen this weekend. That being said, NYCD release party has been rescheduled again. We're trying to figure out a time when Sarah and Aaron and Jess can all come. Maybe next Monday or Wednesday?



Queer Comandeer said...

A few things...

a. Edu-Metal?? Is that like screamo or something?

b. Obviously the most choice superpower would be the ability to stop and start time at will without being affected. Duh.

c. I can't make NYCD release if it's on Monday. I'm going to a show. I'm pretty sure they're not edu-metal.

d. I don't CARE about yo' TIRED-ASS cun-trie CLUB, ya freak BITCH!

Thaozee said...

I would only take the powers if I could get both. It's either on or off for me. I am both selfish and unreasonable.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

oh hizzah. i missed it, but that's alright: i was up on whidbey island getting all primed for the coming revolution (the one in my MIND).