Word to Your Mac

Let me explain something to you guys about Microsoft Word for Mac.

If you copy something from one program (let's just say...like Safari or something, like maybe you're copying your blog), and paste it into Word for Mac, all of the original file information (like formating, font and font color...) will be FOREVER SAVED INTO THAT FILE even if you change it. Then, sometimes, the STUPID AUTO FORMATTING will revert it back to the original way that it was before you changed it.

The point? The point is that the font color on my old blog template was white. WHITE. Compiling NYCD taught me a very powerful lesson about what people have to go through to have the cutest computer in the coffee shop. Also, as blinged out as my old template was, it's 'bout time for a change.

So I hope you guys enjoy.

Oh, and don't expect a bunch of new pieces anytime soon, I tend to take some time off every year after finishing NYCD. My brain hurts.

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