The Best Day Ever

First things first.

Davey--Now you've made me feel terrible. I've never even heard his album, and here I am, like everyone I hate, knocking an album before I've even heard it. Goddamnit. Oh, and you totally did take that picture.

Mark--You can totally have a copy, but I'm calling you my nephew from now on. Tee-hee. That is frikken hilarious. My nephew is a 6'9" 30 year old white man. Hahahahahaha.

Ron--I know, I know. But c'mon--25. That's it. You try picking 25 albums that you like that have shaped modern music! You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Thao--Dude, I know. But again--the line. Gotta draw the line.

My wife got here yesterday and then...
1. Well, then we got really drunk. Violently drunk. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm still drunk, 'cause I'm not hungover [yet].
2. Oh yeah, and did I mention running into Sean at Whiskey Thieves last night? Right. Awesome.
3. Wine and Beer.
4. Now that my Count's co-worker moratorium is off, I'm having a great fucking time.
5. Ron, you are not allowed to say anything for two days. That's how long I said I would wait to tell you, but I'm sure you're putting two and two together right now. Don't worry Gossip Pants, it's only two days. Then you can tell Boo and the gang.
6. Oh yeah. Also, I met this girl Quinn is dating. I forgot her name, but she's a friend of Krissy's (obviously). The best part is that she's totally had sex with Sean! Isn't that exciting? I know! I am so fucking excited!
7. Found a bottle of two-buck-Chuck at like, four in the morning. That is always a bad idea, especially because the other two bottles of wine had already been emptied. By me.
8. This city is so fucking small (for more info, see #6), and I still manage to get lost getting home from Russian Hill. Still Drunk.
9. Pink is the new black--I was just talking about that last night.
10. Airplanes. Flight. Sex. Pass.

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