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Some notes on today.

1. I'm getting a tattoo. With Jen. It will say "I'll be coming home soon" on our shoulderblades.
2. Geniuses. G's. Gentlemen.
3. I got called a writer last night. It felt good. Among other things that felt better.
4. Went to Sesame Street last night. Nice. Benny is a frikken' G.
5. Boy Wonder actually left the house. Damn. He's so pretty, haha. We told him to get "5'9" and Cute" tattooed on his ass. This is a line from his MySpace profile.
6. Talked to Sam this morning. She's on copious amounts of OxyCodone, and yelled into the phone: "What? A YEAR? That is a fucking rediculous backburner." Also, Ian says he loves me which felt good. Among other things that felt better.
7. Hang on Siobahn.
8. Scholars. Like Jen who has made me realize that I make a way better fag-hag than a musicians girlfriend. That's just not my steeze. You know, it's like, if you do something well...you get the idea. I love my boyfriend, and I don't care at all that he's fucking Angelo and not me. Trust.
9. New ink. Sweet. I'll now have 11. Two more and I'll have to count them in "hours".
10. I swear to god, NO MORE TWO-BUCK-CHUCK. On this point, I remain firm. Among other things that are also firm.


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