"I have a question."

I found this questionnaire on Devin Tomaney's blog, someone I found during last years Canadian blog wars. These always remind me of chain mail you might send as a kid or something, and also serves perfectly to procrastinate on finishing this other post about degrees of separation. Try it yourself: copy and paste and finish each sentance. Enjoy.

My ex: is plural. They are plural, and most of them are very pretty boys.
Maybe I should: e-mail my sister Roxie instead of filling out this stupid questionnaire.
I love: my girlfriends, my boys, and even my exes.
I don't understand: why Peter and I are switching phone numbers (again).
I lose: my cellphone all the time.
People say I'm: easy. Although lately I've been called not only a writer, but a good one. Huh.
Love is: everywhere. Oh wait, I'm not a hippy--I meant to say awesome.
Somewhere, someone is: probably jacking off to the topless picture of me in my header.
I will always: want morning sex.
Forever seems: like a long time.
I never want to: be buried.
I think the current President is: a giant douche. Or maybe a turd sandwich.
When I woke up this morning: my ankle still hurt, and I couldn't find my wallet.
I get annoyed when: my exes call me at bar time.
Parties are: fun.
My pet is: a fucking princess.
Kisses are the worst when: they are in a crowded bar.
Today I: dyed my hair.
Tomorrow I'm going to: call all of my exes at bar time.
I really want: to go home to Miami.
I have low tolerance for people that: , ironically enough, never leave home. Is that technically irony? The calling my exes thing is though, right?
If I had a million dollars I'd: go to the airport.



charles.bukowski.costanza said...

you're the fucking princess, princess. and here, just to prove my point, i dare you to look at this and not shit your pants. http://www.collectiblestoday.com/ct/product/prdid-47499.jsp?FP2%3Cbr%20/%3E

~PhoenixRising said...

I'm trying to avoid working today. I was thinking of spending like a week in Seattle in June. Care to join?

Queer Comandeer said...

Sweet. 5 minutes at work, filled.

My ex: is new.
Maybe I should: have Indian for dinner tonight
I love: expensive jeans, cocaine and Team Tenderloin
I don't understand: yoga
I lose: my wallet about 4 times a year
People say I: 've got the best ass south of 19th street
Love is: All is one of the best albums I've bought all year.
Somewhere, someone is: In New York being a douche bag.
I will always: be hungry, have a great head of hair
Forever seems: to be the best song 'Jesse And The Rippers' ever put out
I never want to: go blind
I think the current President is: dumb, but I'm sick of talking about it
When I woke up this morning: I was late for breakfast
I get annoyed when: babies cry
Parties are: good
My pet is: unaware that I have been calling him 'my pet' for weeks
Kisses are the worst when: they are bad
Today I: sat in the sun all morning
Tomorrow I'm going to: go to White Diamonds and bang a hot boy whom I have not chosen yet
I really want: a tab energy
I have low tolerance for people that: are happy with remaining ignorant
If I had a million dollars I'd: be rich