The New Guerrilla Literatti

Some notes on today:

1. Contemplating a new layout for my blog. Neat.
2. Met a girl named Heather, whom I've actually met before, who's parents are publishers. Hahaha. That is hilarious. She also lives a block from me and remembers me from my hay-day of being the coolest kid in Lower Haight.
3. Heather is a writer.
4. Had some lame sex last night. Am missing my recent days as a serial re-runner even though I swore it off [again].
5. Her parents are publishers. Hahahahaha.
6. Thay also own a bookstore.
7. Had so much fun last night. Moto, Pant and Ollie are some of the most quality boys this world has to offer.
8. Ron lost his phone. I haven't called anyone yet and dished about the lame sex.
9. Publishers. Hahahahaha.
10. It wasn't completely lame, but it wasn't like really-fucking-mind-blowing-fantastic either. It was more like this-will-work-for-now-'cause-he's-hot-but-still-making-me-consider-giving-Shaun-another-chance okay. Hahahaha. That is hilarious.


Queer Comandeer said...

Well, I haven't had any sex in almost three weeks, good, bad or lame. I'm almost shaking. My testes are as big as grapefruits. I'M BECOMING EVERYTHING I HATE!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Thaozee said...

What do Heather's parents do again?
Wait...do they sweep chimney's in Dick Van Dyke costumes?

~PhoenixRising said...


Umm, we need t-shirts and branded guns. Hellz Yeah.

When are you traveling next? I guess I don't get vacation until... uh... mid summer? Damn.