"OMG, TTL @ TT @ 11:00!! Bush @ Stockton!"

It’s that time again.
My text message inbox is full. Here are some of my favorites since February. Enjoy.

“Weak.” --Counts, 2.5.06
“Thursday night—dinner in North Beach for Mindy’s B-day?” --Sally, 2.6.06
“I had a great b’day! Thanks everybody!” --Mindy, 2.10.06
“Happy Valentines…U silly smux! Love U ;-)” --Kate, 2.14.06
“What ever happened to Coolio?” --James, 2.15.06
“I called 555-RBOT!” --Crystal, 2.16.06
“Yay! 3644 Cheaterberry Lane!” --Crystal, 2.19.06
“Drunk at nine? Dang.” --Davey, 2.24.06
“I just got pooped on by some bird up a telephone wire. It’s all over my arm!” --Sally, 2.24.06
“Did you know that if you chew on a condom the nanoxinil 9 will numb your throat? Why did I get cough drops?!” --Mindy, 2.25.06
“No bus coming-trapped in the Marina-white people everywhere-ach!” --James, 3.3.06
“I just purchased a huge fake dick to hang out of my jeans at the party tonight. You kinda have to come.” --Ron, 3.3.06
“Team Tenderloin reunion. Tunnel Top at 9. Assemble your crew!” --Daniel, 3.3.06
“Ahh…I dragged some drunk punk home and ripped off his superfluous belts like a fucking savage! Haha! This casual sex sabbatical isn’t working out for me.” --Mindy, 3.8.06
“Drink David out of your memory and say goodbye at the same time. The first bash is sat. @ Olive.” --David, 3.9.06
“Dude, our Thursday nights never fail!” --Ron, 3.9.06
“What are you doing RIGHT NOW?” --David, 3.13.06
“They won’t let you into the country club with THAT.” --Ron, 3.14.06
“Never mind, being lame, having sex, don’t wait up.” --Ron, 3.19.06
“You, me? Mimi!” --Ron, 3.27.06
“I miss you!” --Canada, 3.31.06
“Come. Sean is here.” --Ron, 4.1.06
“Linda Perry is here!” --4.5.06
“They accepted my offer…no more renting for me! The place is in the west village!” --David, 4.6.06
“At the High Tide.” --Counts, 4.8.06
“Sorry luv—got my groove on and now I gotta pass! Sleep well!” --Adam, 4.9.06
“Done and done.” --Ron, 4.10.06



~PhoenixRising said...
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~PhoenixRising said...

There is another David in your life... So I see that I get to continue on as Davey... it makes reading quotes work well. Though I'll have to go back to your name essay to remember why I get the -ey ending. :)

When is this concert at the Gorge?

April 11, 2006 7:34 PM

Anonymous said...

I (insert heart here) your boobs, and I (insert heart here) how you have JFK growing out of your right ear and I especially (insert heart here) your doughnuts... mmmm... doughnuts. Me love you long time. It's been too long, but I miss the shit out of you and I fear my Christmas presents never reached you.