Possession is 9/10 of the law, but I still owe Counts $5.

Nick said...
Pay up. And while you're at it, just think how much easier, and more fun, this all could have been if you'd simply caught my pass and ran with it.

April 01, 2006 11:43 AM

Fine. I will give Counts the $5--but I'm just putting this out there that I wholeheartedly believe that Nicholas is only saying that to piss me off. When was this deal sealing pass? I still don't think this happened.

So I hung out with my neighbor Erica last night, who I swear to god is my new best friend. We hung out once last week too--with my brother and his girlfriend and Anderson. Last night we're at Cafe Royale, and she's asking about how things turned out with Cliff last week. "Pretty good, I guess--I mean, he totally tried to get me to sleep with him, failed, then passed out at my house and left while I was sleeping in the morning. You know--pretty much what I expected."
We met Ron at a party a couple hours later, and I'm like "Oh dude Erica! My ex is here!" and she's like "Oh yeah! Lemme say hi!" except that is wasn't Cliff, but rather Sean. Who kissed me in front of a party full of rediculously hot single guys. And his friend [some girl who remembers me but I don't know her name at all] apologized to me for cock blocking. Twice. Then I got a lecture from Steven about being more careful with Sean's feelings.

Is anybody seeing the irony in this?

I can't see how Sean and Cliff's feelings are somehow more important than mine. That's fucking bull. And how many times do I have to explain to them why I can't be waking up in thier beds in the morning?

It's like this kiddos--You guys all wonder why I hang out with Ron so much--well here's why:
1. He's awesome
2. He's cooler than you
3. He's cooler than me but will still hang out with me
4. We go to awesome partys together and make out
5. He sleeps with men
6. I never have to wonder whether he's hanging out with me just so he can try and have sex with me because he's gay

So yeah, this could all be so much easier, and so much more fun, but for how long? How long until I do something stupid or you say something dumb and we never talk to each other again?

That being said, the whole bet started because I was on the rag, and there is nothing fun or easy about scrubbing your sheets with oxy-clean.

My Wife will be here in four days. NYCD party is tonight. I gotta go to Kinko's.

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