Have been thinking about this alot in the past year, as this lovely little blog of mine combined with the rarity of my last name[s] has brought scores of people from my past back into my life.

I don't know quite where I'm going with this.

But it can be a bit scary, no? I mean, time will allow us the ability to romanticize the relationships you had with people, and such is the beauty--but then after all of this time upon reconnecting? Well, sometimes you'll be lucky enough to find that your old girlfriend, after eight years, is still just like you. Dope, right? Right. Well, sometimes you'll find that after so many years, someone you love and trusted more than anyone will drop you a line only to remind you that the boy who sexually assaulted you and two of your girlfriends in highschool is doing great! Oh wow! I'm so fucking glad to hear that! Wow, you guys had drinks the other night? Awesome! Did he rape you? No? Oh. Too bad. Well, good to hear he's doing well! Give him a huge hug for me next time you see him, allright? God, I miss both of you so much!


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