1. Some of my Cake left this morning, but now, thankfully, she's always right behind me.
2. When old girlfriends get together, they start analyzing and over-analyzing everything until what they're saying doesn't even make sense anymore an ex. being Sam and I's old quote log. It's like girl code. This is the type of conversation that led to Jen and I's new favorite line: "hanging me out". If you do not understand the subtleties involved in this then, well...good luck with that.
3. Jen has confirmed what I had suspected for a very long time now: I make the worst girlfriend. Meaning in that "kissy kissy PDA sensitive bullshit what have you crap" way. Funny how it takes one of your best girlfriends to tell you something you already knew until you stop trying.
4. I am, however, the hands down best fruit fly that ever graced the face of this earth. Grace and Karen have nothing on me.
5. Speaking of, I talked to Bobby this morning (my gay husband). He asked me to come home, which I almost accepted.
6. The sun came out. I give it an hour.
7. Speaking of Bobby, he called from the beach right by my old house.
8. Bloody Mary Mondays. Dear god, I miss home. And my pool. And my bikini. And my Best girlfriend in Miami, Lauren, who now actually lives in Sarasota.
9. Sinking. Shipwreck. Two ships passing in the night. Sunk. Swim. And Neighbors.
10. Oh yeah, and Lauren will be here in SF May 11. Sweet. Note to San Franciscans: SHE'S SUPER HOT AND SINGLE.


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