Wine and Beer

Some notes on today:

1. Major wine consumption=I don't remember who it was that called me @ 6:42 this morning.
2. My call log tells me that I promptly returned your call this morning @ 6:43.
3. Where is area code 312?
4. Cake. Delicious rich chocolate espresso cake @ Rye last night. Dope.
5. Pant is the #1 coolest person ever.
6. The Mission looks so much different in the rain.
7. Sleepovers kick ass.
8. My wife will be here in three days.
9. I'm beginning to wonder whether it's good or bad top have my entire life carefully categorized, recorded, and written down.
10. No day but today.


Queer Comandeer said...

Take your powder, take your candle!

I'm kind of pissed that Lucretia couldn't even get us to La Vie Boheme...

Milkshake said...

It's "Lakricia" and don't ever ever get mad at her again.
Okay, I'm pissed too.

~PhoenixRising said...

drinking a bunch with strangers and waking up at someone's house at 6:42 in the morning = calling your friend in San Fran.

Major wine consumption = calling your friend in Florida back at 6:43, plotting a method to get to Florida before remembering it is rude to talk on the phone during sleepovers.

Glad I could clarify :)