"I hugged that bitch!"

[title supplied by Samantha Oldfield]

Ahh. Seattle. This place is so freakin' dope, you know? Here's a list of stuff I did last night.

1. Drove straight from the airport to the Duck Island Alehouse with Sam.
2. Drank tall cans of Colt 45.
3. Met up with Lauren, Smitty, and of courese, Jen.
4. Got Teriyaki on University way and Hunts came. Then left.
5. Went to Jules Maes in Georgetown to see Ian Strakal, Alexis Woody Lopez, and the impromtu appearance by Theresa LeFevre.
6. Went to the shell station and bought some Rockstar 21 to take to "The Lake" [our spot at Greenlake, not to be confused with hidden beach].
7. Saw Jeremaiah [known in many essays as "The Bartender"], Nico, and Austin.
8. Once again had to defend myself about why the fuck I ever dated John [Gillanders], and why the fuck I ever thought it was a good idea to fuck Johnathan [JD/Jake].
9. Speaking of defending myself, I was all like: "Jeremaiah, how's Shannon? Is she still not talking to me?" and he was like: "Uh, no. No dude, I think you guys are still in a fight."
10. Checked my e-mail to find three surprises: 1) my new favorite essay might be ruined. 2) My friend Laura Janisse from College in Portland is living in LA. and, 3) I have to work on vacation. This post is my way of procrastinating.



Anonymous said...

whoa, are you still here? should we "hang out" or something?

PS: i found matt keeley and ben allen on livejournal and they want an update on jon-o.


Sam said...

Somehow I'm afraid that the moment I have the balls to say "I hugged that bitch" in giant block letters on my own blog, someone close to me who actually likes and respects said bitch will actually read my blog for once, and mention it to me, for once, and he'd be offended (or take on a mission to make me like that bitch). Thanks for doing what I don't have the guts to do.

On second thought, fuck that. It's my goddamn blog and I'll write about bitches all I want. Especially slutty ones.

The end. Oh, and also, I love you.