I'm back. [FINALLY]

Oh my god, it's so good to be home.
Although, I miss all of you there more than I can say especially those I didn't have a chance to see.

On a side note, don't miss my party, Saturday June 3rd @ Mighty. For more info, go to Team Tenderloin.com, duh.

Also, my site tracker is so fucking fun. You wouldn't believe who wants a peek of ol' Milkshake Moure lately.

I salvaged my essay. It's going to be fine. I owe someone a huge debt for chilling the fuck out.

Davey's coming in June. So what does that mean? HOT HOT HOT SEX 17 TIMES A DAY. Okay, not really. But I'm sure I will be found traipsing around SF with a pretty little tattooed boy hanging off my arm like a veritable accessory for a few days. That and we will get very drunk with Mathisen, no doubt.


Kay, gotta go eat, change into my PJ's, and maybe watch a movie with Boy Wonder as opposed to riding around in a limo w/ QC.

I HAVE TO GET A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP TONIGHT--must recover, must recover.


[people that need to know that I love them today: Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Pete, Pete, Pete, John and Johnathan. These are all real people.]


Queer Comandeer said...

Actually, they substituted a shuttle bus. And I actually drank something called a 'Purple Hooter'. And I think I whipped my dick out at Carl's Jr. And stupid eblogger.com just ate my last post, and I don't have the energy to retype it. Le Sigh.

~PhoenixRising said...

no hot hot sex 17 times a day?
O yeah, that's right, we don't do that. :)

Yeah, and we better get drunky with mathisen. It's like, uh, required.

~PhoenixRising said...

Holy shit! This month is JUNE! You might have to bump me to July. :(