Milkshake the Cripple

So my knee is getting slowly better. Slowly.

That being said, I'm going to delay my visit to Seattle by five days or so--that way I'll totally be able to walk, and I won't miss this fashion show thing I'm supposed to work at.

Sorry for the inconvenience, Seattleites. I'll be in town on the 24th or so. Oh, and if anyone wants to go to Vancouver for a few days, let me know, 'cause Lauren and I are SO down.

That being said, if anyone up there is bored on the 10th, head down to Elliot Bay Books where the folks responsible forPost Secret (both a Bloggie Award winning blog, and now a book subtitled "A Story of Courage, Understanding and Compassion as Told Through Secrets") will be having a reading/signing @ 6:00pm.
Trust. You want to go to this.

Oh, and if anyone has not seen Lauren's new site--do yourself a favor--it's freakin' AWESOME. There's always a link to it in my sidebar, but just to make it easier on you--Wonder?ly Designs. You guys know of my obsession with my first initial--where the hell do you think I got my monogrammed belt?

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Anonymous said...

i will totally go to elliott bay tomorrow and see you!