"Or, you can just bet them to have sex with you, 'cause that's clever too."

"You can't just go throwing dares around, it's not like were playing a game here."
Lloyd (Charlie Hunnam) from Undeclared 112, "Truth or Dare"

Was just thinking about all different kinds of contractual sex.

There is somewhere in this continuum between truth or dare and prostitution that I oft find myself in--promises, passes, history, obligation, responsibility--either spoken or implied, I oft seem to accumulate what I have deemed: The Active Backburner.

Now, The Active Backburner is so much different than a normal one--while a traditional backburner you've never made a move on (but rather are saving that for later) an active backburner you have, but have never slept with, and there is, above all interaction, the implied reality that one day, we'll totally do it.

Neither types of backburners are to be confused with The Re-Run, unless of course you are thinking of The Beer Run--this is someone you've slept with before, but not in a LONG time, but right before the sex-statute-of-limitations runs out (this is where it becomes equated to buying beer, specifically before 2:00), you have sex again. Just in case. Just in case you want to re-run that later. It's like renewing a library book.

Point being, what is the validity in all of this contractual sex?

I'm stopping right now, as I've just realized I'm sounding less like Miranda Hobbs and more like Carrie Bradshaw.
Help me Sam Jones!

[p.s.--Today is my mom's birthday. She's so much cooler than you that it hurts. Just so you know.]

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