Twins List

May 25, 2006
This. Is. Perfect.

I am sitting in Georgetown at All City across the table from Miranda. Yes, Miranda, in the flesh, not on the phone, and we are sitting and typing and emailing and updating and chatting and laughing and this is perfect. Now if we could only find that big ass house that stretches from Seattle to Shoreline to San Francisco to Florida, Lauren, Miranda, Samantha, and Jen can begin our true reign of “Sex all over this Country.” PS- that house would be called the Louisiana Purchase.

This is the list that explains why…
Banana Meister (Sam) and Tasty Dish (Miranda) are Twinz

- Red Balloons and Is Chicago , Is Not Chicago
- Apt. 103
- Black Label
- Favorite Bar
- Ordained
- Starbucks Employees (Ex!)
- Fake Words Songs
- Lush Perfume
- Slept with people with each others' birthdays (Matt, Rex)
- Slept with brothers (Strakal, Mizrahi)
- Slept with a brother (Harrisons)
- Random red things on keychains
- Basement
- Older Man Un's
- Live(d) in Seattle with Drivers Licences
- Naked Halloween Costumes
- Pussy Palace
- SATC characters with our names
- Slept in Bike Josh's bed
- Dress as traitor Ninja/Pirate
- Favorite Band
- 80 Babys
- Went to private highschool
- Shared Partners: Jen, Elise, Alicia, Matt, Rice, Jeff
- Did Scorpio Snakes (Jeff, Josh)
- Did bartenders @ The Duck
- Danced onstage @ The Blue Moon
- Back in the day Bauhaus
- Both call Emily "Ed Muey"
- Ate 12 egg omelettes (open 2 close)
- 8816 #204 is 17th residence
- Both took the same 358 home from Un's Houses (on 12.23.04)
- Both slept with #17 while on vacation
- Shared a cat (Juno)
- Had one black, one black and white cat
- Got tattooed in Zoe's livingroom
- Both slept in 2 bedrooms at the 95th & Linden House
- Hate Monty Python
- Gradeschool Postmasters
- Listgames

[This list started a year and a half ago and is ongoing. Welcome to Sam and Miranda's world.]


Sam said...

I want this list on my sidebar so we can add: Twinz list on sidebar to the list. Help?

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