Me and Lakricia need to break up.

So I'm at the coffee shop downstairs from my house, and Adrian, who works at the party supply store down the street walks in.

"You can design websites and stuff, right?"
"Don't even ask dude--I have a contract right now."
"Oh. Okay. Well, how 'bout in a few weeks?"

Yeah, I'd fucking love to. I could use the $500, but Lakricia keeps tossing me the "Rotating Rainbow of Death" [as Shaun would call it]whenever I have Word, Safari, and Photoshop open. It's fucking Bullshit. Plus, I looked at their current site's code--it looks like html oatmeal. I don't know who originally wrote it, but it is clearly fucked.

The point? I need a new laptop.

And for Davey to take this one off my hands.



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Sam said...

Mike Doughty Says "Fuck you for praising a milkshake that I don't have!"