Miranda Time

How many times have each of you heard of something beautifully mysterious called "Miranda Time"? A lot? Well, yes. That would make sense. Haven't yet? One day, you will. You will hear me say something like: "Do I have to explain to you about my time and how important that is?" I will oft say this while naked. Specifically if you are still at my house.

Is it so bad though? I mean, I'm not a complete bitch just because I want everything on my time, when I want it, at my convenience, am I?

Fine. I'm a total bitch then.
p.s.--What I mean is that when the Tenderloin caravan is leaving Lower Haight, I'm more than happy to hop in the cab, but when the Lower Haters are leaving the 'Loin? WHAT? You're leaving? BULLSHIT! Furthermore, that also applies to calling Davey at all hours of the night (sorry).


~PhoenixRising said...

My cellphone is busted until I pay the bill. :(

I'm coming soon and sooner. Though I still haven't purchased tickets. You know a good place to get tickets? And don't give me that "fly standby!" crap...

And what's the STORY, by the way?

Oh, and I finally started writing prose again.


PS) I also bought the bestestestestest pot the other night. Tee Hee!

Sam said...

Davey - All you have to do is call your favorite airline to check out dates and times, and then have them put a ticket on hold for you. Pay at the airport via whatever method you want, but be warned that this entitles you to be 'randomly selected' for a detailed search in security and they will open and swab all of your bags. On the plus side, all of this detailed screening is still faster than the line for the normal screening.